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EQuest 1889

Shimmable Saddle Pad | EQ Pad V3

Shimmable Saddle Pad | EQ Pad V3

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Illusion Fur Option

Customizable Saddle Pad with Shims

Compensate for minor saddle fit challenges with the luxurious EQ Illusion Pad V3, a shimmable saddle pad EQuest 1889. This innovative pad has 6 chambers for front, middle, and back adjustment as well as a large chamber for a continuous shim.

The 8-chamber system allows for precise adjustment. High-quality dense foam material absorbs shock and provides even weight distribution. Ideal for saddle corrections and for cushioning the saddle area. Thanks to the skin-friendly cotton underside, the pad can be used without saddle blanket.

Available with or without luxurious "Illusion Fur".

How to use this shimmable saddle pad:

  1. Insert the shims where needed
  2. Close the velcro closure in the continuous shim compartment
  3. Place the V3 pad either directly on the horse or between saddle blanket and saddle
  4. Use the girth loops to secure the pad to the saddle

Care instructions:

  • Wash the pad without the shims in a short wash cycle with gentle detergent, such as PePeDe.
  • Hang dry
  • Once dry, brush out the dry faux fur to restore fluff (for EQ Illusion Pad)

Color: Black with white Illusion Fur
Sizes: S (saddle seat length up to 17"), L (saddle seat size over 17.5" and over)

Made in Germany


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Care Instructions

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