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Wash & Groom Brush 'Antibakteria'

Antibacterial Horse Brush | Horse Wash Brush

$18.50 USD
For the prevention and during treatment of skin infections, this large antibacterial horse brush brush with gentle, non-scratch bristles and synthetic back will come in handy for grooming and washing alike.
horse grooming set german

Basic Grooming Set | Horse Grooming Set 'Cavalry'

$67.00 USD$89.00 USD
A Complete Set for Everyday Grooming Attractive, practical, natural & made to last! Grooming Brush set "Cavalry" provides traditional functionality combined with excellent quality. The set includes everything you need...
Horse bathing sponge "Soaker"
L, M, S

Bathing sponge "Soaker"

$6.75 USD$9.95 USD
The Equest® 'Soaker' absorbs a tremendous amount of water! Organic coloring will not fade or bleed.
Black Finishing Brush 'Onyx'

Black Horse Brush | HorseHaus 'Onyx'

$28.00 USD
You will love this all-black horse body brush with black natural bristles and leather strap. The smooth black beech wood back is extra large and 'covers ground'. The natural wood grain shines through the black stain and makes each brush uniquely yours.
boot mud brush large
S, L

Boot Mud Brush | Riding Boot Brush

$5.50 USD$9.50 USD
Mud Brush for Boots You will appreciate this handy boot mud brush with scraping edge, pointed tip and tough bristles to remove mud and caked-on dirt from your boots, gear,...
paddock boot romulus
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Comfortable Riding Boot | Paddock Boot 'Romulus'

$0.00 USD$180.00 USD
This attractive, comfortable riding boot takes boot comfort to a new level. It is made from especially robust, naturally tanned, oiled cowhide. As a result, it is very durable and easy to care for.
luxurious horse grooming set

Complete Horse Grooming Set | HorseHaus 'Gold Deluxe'

$119.80 USD
The best for your horse. Excellent functionality and elegant, traditional design. Only the finest materials and craftsmanship, all combined in this complete horse grooming set.
Effax® Leather Cream Soap

Conditioning Saddle Soap | Effax Leather Cream Soap

$15.95 USD
Use this Effax saddle soap on all smooth leathers to clean and care for your leather tack, attire or luggage. Effax Leather Cream Soap contains conditioning agents that keep your valuable leather goods supple.
cooling bandage for horse leg

Cooling Bandages Hydro Cool | Kavalkade Cooling Wraps

$104.95 USD
This innovative new product "Cooling Bandages Hydro Cool" by Kavalkade®, Germany, provides cooling relief – over and over again. The unique "Hydro Cool" material provides cooling relief for several hours.
side reins with rubber donut

Donut Side Reins | Leather Side Reins

$79.95 USD
These leather donut side reins have a rubber donut that allow for some flexibility. Use when longing or for use during beginner riding lessons. The sturdy, classical design from 3/4" leather attaches to the billets and hooks into the bit.
Effax® Leather Balm - Honey Scent!

Effax Leather Balm | Leather Conditioner with Honey

$9.95 USD
The rich and nourishing ingredients of Effax Leather Balm with honey scent extends the life span of your leather products. All leather goods are prone to drying out, cracking and becoming stiff and unsightly without cleaning and conditioning.
effax leather combi

Effax Leather Combi | Leather Cleaner

$16.10 USD
Experience the deep-penetrating effect of Effax Leather Combi. Cleans and nourishes the leather fiber in a unique way, with a deep-penetrating effect, without making the leather greasy.