About Us

HorseHaus™ is a Trademark of HorseHaus LLC. We have been selling high-quality horse care products and fine equestrian supplies on the internet since 2008 (formerly at the HorseWellnessStore dot Com).

Owner Stefanie Reinhold is passionate about Horse Wellness. HorseHaus LLC is a small business based in Wisconsin and our mission is “Well (and happy) Horses Perform Well!”. All products sold in our online shop are exclusively either made in Germany, Europe, Great Britain, the USA, or Canada and fulfill highest quality standards in material and effectiveness.

Our house brand HorseHaus™ represents traditional grooming brushes, made in Germany, and other products that improve the lives of horses and horse owners.


You can purchase HorseHaus™ products in our web shop and in established, high-quality equestrian supply and tack shops. See a list of our retailers here.


To become one of our preferred wholesale customers, please contact Stefanie Reinhold at SReinhold@HorseHaus dot com or call (608) 207 3122.


For customer inquiries, please utilize our chat app, where you can also leave a message.
Call us at 608 207 3122 or
Send an email to info at HorseHaus dot com.

Enjoy your horse!

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HorseHaus LLC
Beloit, WI