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Haas Lippizaner Brush | White Horse Brush

Haas Lippizaner Brush | White Horse Brush

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Elegant & Effective

Use the Haas Lippizaner Brush for Step 3 (finishing) in our 4-Step Grooming™ process.

This elegant finishing brush with a natural white bristle field and raised bristle edge is especially suited for white, gray, or sensitive horses. Raised bristles around the edge with a softer interior bristle field flicks away dirt and gently cleans your horse's coat.

Furthermore, a durable synthetic back and patented ‘no rip’ leather strap guarantees a long product life.

  • Raised bristle edge lifts dirt out of the coat
  • White bristle field provides a slightly softer feel

Some riders prefer a bristle quality that resembles the texture of the horse's hair. We therefore especially recommend this brush for white and grey horses. If you would like to get a whole horse grooming set that includes the Haas Lippizaner Brush, please see our horse grooming set 'Regalo'.

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a brown shiny horse

A Shiny Horse

A natural finishing brush not only removes dirt, dander and dust, but also distributes the horse's natural coat oils on the clean coat. This creates shine! Experience the natural difference. You horse will love it, too!

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