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Stiff Horse Grooming Brush | Mud Brush

Stiff Horse Grooming Brush | Mud Brush

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Natural Stiff Bristles for Tough Jobs

This stiff horse grooming brush is ideal for tough jobs. Remove caked-on mud, coarse dirt, debris, and brush through winter coats. Shorter natural union fibers bristles give you the edge when it comes to cleaning without scratching.

A beech wood base paired with a sturdy elastic handle make this brush easy to use. FSC-certified wood and a non-toxic, rich brown stain make this brush the sustainable choice.

How to use this stiff horse grooming brush:

  1. Curry your horse with a firm curry comb.
  2. Brush with the stiff natural brush in direction of hair growth.
  3. Use carefully on more sensitive areas, watching your horse's reactions (e.g. belly, inside of the legs).
  4. Clean after every use by stroking the brush against your curry.
  5. Wash bristles with hot water and dry with bristles facing down.

Size: L
Color: rich brown
Materials: FSC-certified wood, plant-based union bristle mix, elastic, steel tacks

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a brown shiny horse

A Shiny Horse

A natural finishing brush not only removes dirt, dander and dust, but also distributes the horse's natural coat oils on the clean coat. This creates shine! Experience the natural difference. You horse will love it, too!

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