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Pedocan Hoof Strengthener | Natural Hoof Conditioner

Pedocan Hoof Strengthener | Natural Hoof Conditioner

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Natural, Plant-based Hoof Care

The Pedocan Hoof Strengthener regulates moisture in the horse's hoof. Honey, natural propolis, and valuable plant-based oils keep your horse's hooves protected, conditioned, and healthy. A special combination of active ingredients like water- and oil-soluble vitamins actively improve the hoof horn quality by encouraging growth and improving structure and elasticity.
  • Natural avocado, sesame, jojoba, and calendula oils
  • Biotin and Vitamins
  • Moisturizing
  • Improves structure, elasticity, and growth
  • No artificial ingredients or artificial colors

Since 1971, riders and grooms trust Pedocan to care for their horse's hooves.

How to use Pedocan Hoof Strengthener:

  • Thoroughly clean and dry the hoof.
  • Use a brush, a soft rag, or a sponge to apply a thin coat of hoof strengthener
  • Use 3 times per week
  • For very dry hooves: Use daily for 10 days, then use 3-4 times per week or more as needed.
Ingredients: Natural plant-based oils, honey, propolis, biotin, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B5, and other natural ingredients

Large 1 l tub (34 fl. oz)

Made in Germany


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