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Meroth Leather Snaffle | 'Standard' Leather Bit

Meroth Leather Snaffle | 'Standard' Leather Bit

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The Gentle Leather Bit Alternative

The patented Meroth Leather Snaffle is now also available in a 'Standard' version, without chin strap. This bit can be used like any other snaffle in combination with any bridle.

The same patented construction with specially cut and assembled layers, enabling the bit to conform with your horse's mouth.

  • The only non-toxic, patented, all-leather bit!
  • No metal or plastic core!
  • Special non-chafing stitching, sure not to irritate your horse's sensitive mucus membranes or lips. 
  • 100% non-toxic leather, adhering to strict European standards.
  • 100% stainless steel hardware
The bit comes with use and care instructions and can easily last 10 or more years when following the simple care steps. Please see the care instructions here.

Note: The simple snaffle must be used with a bridle. To ride 'bridleless', please see the Original Meroth™ Freedom Snaffle. Please see the FAQ here.

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Care Instructions

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a brown shiny horse

A Shiny Horse

A natural finishing brush not only removes dirt, dander and dust, but also distributes the horse's natural coat oils on the clean coat. This creates shine! Experience the natural difference. You horse will love it, too!

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