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Mane and Tail Brush | Horsehaus 'Gentle Results'

Mane and Tail Brush | Horsehaus 'Gentle Results'

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Gentle & Durable

This mane and tail brush has an extra large paddle design and brushes through full manes and tails like a breeze. Furthermore, the ultra-durable rubber cushion withstands heavy use and will not fall apart. This sets this brush apart from many brushes made for human hair application.

PRODUCT WARRANTY: 12 months for premature wear and tear or manufacturer defect

  • all wood bristles
  • durable rubber cushion
  • gentle - does not pull hair with proper use

Similar brushes can disappoint by breaking and losing bristles. In contrast, this design holds up to brushing your horse's mane and tail for a long time.

How to use this brush: 

  1. Remove all debris (leaves, hay, straw, etc.) from the tail by hand and apply mane detangler.
  2. Starting at the bottom of the tail, firmly hold a portion of the tail with your one hand.
  3. Brush with your other hand starting at the bottom and working your way up with the mane and tail brush.
  4. Repeat the process until the entire tail is brushed out.

Materials: FSC-certified beech wood, rubber

Made in Germany


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a brown shiny horse

A Shiny Horse

A natural finishing brush not only removes dirt, dander and dust, but also distributes the horse's natural coat oils on the clean coat. This creates shine! Experience the natural difference. You horse will love it, too!

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