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EQuest 1889

Horse Halter Padding | Faux Fur

Horse Halter Padding | Faux Fur

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Luxurious Horse Halter Padding by EQuest 1889

The soft, cushy faux fur horse halter padding protects your horse's sensitive areas of the head. Softly cushioning the halter, the EQ Illusion padding prevent chafing, rubbing, and pressure sores. The quality of this padding set goes beyond commonly sold fleece sets. You will appreciate the ultra-soft, true faux fur feel.

This easy-care 3-pice halter pad set is machine washable and stays fluffy for a long time. Especially suited for transport, horse show, clinic, or anywhere, where you would like to provide extra protection and an elegant look.

How to use this horse halter cushion:

  1. Attach the respective pieces to the nose piece, crown piece, and chin piece of your horse's halter.
  2. Wear during transport or when leading the horse at a show or at the home barn.

Using a halter cushion to protect your horse's nose, chin, and sensitive poll area helps keep your horse calm and comfortable. The special "Illusion" fur creates a real fur look that is sure to stand out in the crowd. All three pieces are carefully crafted in Germany with finest materials. The Velcro closure ensures a snug fit and secure positioning.


  • Never turn a horse out wearing a halter as this can lead to injury.
  • Do not leave the halter on when the horse is unsupervised in the stall as this may present a safety issue.

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