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Schweizer Effax

Effol Super Cut Scissors | Horse Mane and Tail Scissors

Effol Super Cut Scissors | Horse Mane and Tail Scissors

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Cut Horse Hair like a Pro with Super Cut

When it comes to scissors for horses, grooms and equestrians look for a scissor that is strong, sharp, and precise. The Effol Super Cut Scissors are the answer. It is durable and withstands use on thicker horse hair, unlike regular paper or craft scissors.

Effol Super Cut Scissors are made to cut horse hair!

  • Special dual-surface edge for precise cutting
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Tackles even robust and thick hair

How to use this product:

    • If cutting long mane hair, cut small 1/2 inch portions at a 45 degree angle to the right, then repeat to the left up to the desired length. Ensure that your horse is standing still and with the head in a natural upright position.

  • When cutting a tail, place one arm under the horse's dock to mimic the position the tail holds during movement. Swipe down with your other hand until you hold the very tip of the tail. Cut the tail straight with the Super Cut Scissors. The tail should now fall naturally and straight.
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