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Donut Side Reins | Leather Side Reins

Donut Side Reins | Leather Side Reins

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Leather Side Reins with Rubber Donut

These leather donut side reins have a rubber donut that allow for some flexibility. Use when longing or for use during beginner riding lessons. The sturdy, classical design from 3/4" leather attaches to the billets and hooks into the bit.

Bench-crafted in the USA, these side reins with donut will be a valuable addition to your tack for years to come. Great for

  • training young or rehab horses on the longe line
  • riding lessons on the longe line
  • vaulting
  • beginner lessons.

How to use these side reins:

  1. Attach the loop end of the side rein to the front billet of the saddle or the respective ring on the surcingle.
  2. Attach the hooks to the rings of the bit or the side rings of the caveson.
  3. Have the hook closure point to the outside.
  4. Adjust the side reins to a length that will allow your horse to keep its muzzle in front of the vertical.
  5. When longing, adjust the outside side rein one hole longer than the inside.
  6. Clean and maintain the side reins with a suitable leather care product.
NOTE: You can never give the horse too much room. However, restraining a horse with side reins behind the vertical or where the horse has continuous pressure on the bit, is inhumane and ineffective. Please practice humane and considerate practices.

One size - Colors: black and havana brown - Made in USA


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