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Grooming Sponge 'Barn Buddy' | 2-Pack

Grooming Sponge 'Barn Buddy' | 2-Pack

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 BarnBuddy™ does it all!

(Works like Scrub Daddy sponge)

This special sponge is great for multiple applications around the barn. Moreover, it is also great at home, in the truck, or trailer! The palm-size sponge with a serrated fits right into your hand. With three different ways to use the sponge, it compares to Scrub Daddy. This is a very versatile and useful little sponge to clean hooves, bits, stains, saddle pads, and more!

Use BarnBuddy™ in 3 different ways:

USE DRY - sponge is hard

  • Rub dry mud off your horse's coat (working in the direction of hair growth)
  • Remove dirt from blankets, saddle pads and felt girths

USE WITH COLD WATER - sponge is wet and hard

  • Scrub mud off hooves
  • Clean buckets, feed pans, and other equipment

USE WITH HOT WATER - sponge is wet, soft and does not scratch

  • Clean stirrups, bits, and blanket buckles
  • Use with saddle soap to clean off stubborn, caked-on dirt

Made in USA

Pack of 2 sponges



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A Shiny Horse

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