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Which Grooming Set is Right for the 4-Step-Grooming Process?

Cathy Watson asks: "In reading your 4 point grooming article, I would like to purchase tools to accomplish what is written in the article. I am thinking about the Gold Deluxe or the Classic [set] but I don't think either includes all tools necessary for that.. Which would you recommend? And what other brush do I need to buy in addition to the set?"

HorseHaus answers: Cathy, thank you for your question. The 4-step-grooming process is 1. Curry - 2. Flick - 3. Finish - 4. Gloss.

The Gold Deluxe Grooming Set contains all tools for all 4 steps (Curry Comb 'The Best', Flick Brush, Finishing Brush 'Gold', Goat Hair Gloss Brush). The 'Classic' is a more basic grooming set that contains tools for the first three steps (curry, flick, finish). You may want to add a gloss brush or softer brush such as Diva or Super Soft Goat Hair Body Brush.

TIP: Steps 1-3 are essential. For step 4, there are alternatives: If you purchase a basic grooming set, you can improvise step four by using a soft rag until you decide to add a soft gloss brush.

Cathy, enjoy your horse and be in touch with any other questions!