Leather Bits - the Gentle Solution!

Is a Meroth™ leather snaffle bit right for me and my horse?

If you are an intermediate to experienced rider* and your horse already accepts and responds to a bit, the answer is YES!

A Meroth™ leather bit will enable gentle and precise communication with your horse without metal in the mouth.

  • Great for hard-to bit horses or horses with temporary mouth sensitivity (example: after dental work)
  • Great for horses that are sensitive around ears and poll. You can ride without bridle!
  • Completely non-toxic and patented design, adhering to the strictest European standards.
  • The only bit without stiff metal or plastic core - entirely made of vegetable tanned, non-toxic leather!
  • Safety break-away and stainless steel hardware
  • Special, non-chafing stitching
  • Patented, layered design ensures optimal fit. The bit conforms to your horse's mouth!

US Equestrian Team member, trainer, and coach Lynn Symansky shares her recent experience with the Meroth™ Leather Pelham:

 ​"I loved the leather pelham ! I was desperate to find something for my strong yet sensitive mouthed TB who just had a tooth extracted and needed to compete soon after the procedure. The bit worked great, and I plan to keep it as a go to in my bit box for other horses like him, especially for ones that can get a little strong ... but need a soft mouthpiece and have a sensitive palate. Stefanie was also a pleasure to work with and plan to use Reinhold's* in the future!​"




*) Reinholds' Horse Wellness (owner of HorseHaus.com and the HorseHaus™) brand is sole distributor of Meroth™ products for USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Please contact info@reinholdshorsewellness.com for more information on how to become a Meroth™ partner.