Shedding Season!

Shedding Season!

For many of in the US, the end of February marks the beginning of a season not listed in any calendar: HORSE SHEDDING SEASON!

'Tis the season of leaving the Chap-Stick at home (lest you want hairy lips while grooming) and swapping the fleece vest for a slicker model that lets you brush off hair. But how do we help our horse to shed?

What happens in the horse's body during shedding time?

Shedding an old coat and growing a new one - whether in spring or fall - goes beyond really hairy brushes... and getting out the shedding blade. Your horse's body has to work hard to produce several pounds of hair (meaning proteins)! This is an incredible metabolic challenge and requires good nutrition, a good amount of rest, and support by proper grooming. 

How to groom during shedding time - 3 simple steps

  1. Use a massage curry to bring up fine hair and stimulate the hair follicles and blood flow to the skin.
  2. Follow up with a 50/50 wire/bristle brush such as HorseHaus 'Curly' (remember to clean your brush against a stiff curry every couple of strokes). 
  3. Last not least, use a stiff grooming brush such as Haas CocoFiber all over the horse's coat.

Result: Most of the loose hair and dirt should be gone and your horse's coat looks clean and slick.

TIP: For stubborn knotted fine hair behind elbows or in the girth area, etc. use Sheddie Eddie. 

TIP: For horses with thick and long winter coats you can also start with Sheddie Eddie, then go through steps 1, 2 and 3 above. 

'Enjoy your horse! (And don't wear lip balm to the barn ;-)

Stefanie Reinhold

Stefanie Reinhold


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