How To Groom Your Horse In A Hurry

How To Groom Your Horse In A Hurry

Have you ever had a time-management challenge, got to the barn late for an appointment, show or event and found your horse looking like a mud-cake?

Did you ever have to have to Groom Your Horse in a Hurry?

No problem. With the right tricks and grooming tools, you can groom your horse from (dry) mud to shine in 3 minutes (per side).

Note: This works best on horses that are groomed thoroughly on a regular basis. You should only 'brush in a rush' when absolutely necessary. Your horse won't like it...

What you need - horse grooming tools:

Step 1: Breathe... you probably where in shock, seeing your horse looking like this...

a horse with a muddy coat half groomedOn this image you see "before and after" on the same horse: My Paladin had fun! And now I have 7 minutes to make him look presentable before an appointment! Image was taken after I completed the left side.


Step 2:

Curry your horse all over with the soft rubber curry, knocking out the curry a few times to remove the dirt from the curry. Work from head to tail, include the legs. Don't overdo it, just loosen all the dirt and move on. This is not the time to do a thorough job. You got 30 seconds!

Step 3: Use your flick brush to remove most of the dirt by brushing in long strokes from head to tail and down the legs. Clean the brush on the curry 2 or 3 times while brushing. You got 1 minute!

Step 4:

Wet your large clean sponge with clean water and squeeze until the sponge is damp. Take your finishing brush in your brushing hand, the sponge in the other hand. Brush brush vigorously with long strokes from head to tail, stroking your finishing brush against the damp sponge every 2 strokes or so. You got 1 minute!

Step 5: Use your soft clean rag to smoothen the coat and remove remaining dirt, stroke in the direction of hair growth with medium pressure from head to tail. You got 30 seconds!

a clean, bay horse Paladin looks clean after our 3-minute routine!! 

Take a look at your horse and remain in awe of your grooming skills for approx. 30 seconds, then clean the sponge and do the other side. Once done, follow up with the rag on the first side again.

Now get that saddle on and ready for your lesson!

Please remember: This is a great method when time is of the essence but will not thoroughly clean your horse. For every day application, please do not groom your horse in a hurry. Get back to a mellow, thorough grooming technique that both you and your horse will enjoy.

For a more thorough day-to-day technique, read "How to groom your horse to shine in 4 easy steps ".

Enjoy your horse!

a dark bay horse with his owner

Stefanie Reinhold
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