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Horse Grooming Set for Short Coats | Set 'Tora Deluxe'

Horse Grooming Set for Short Coats | Set 'Tora Deluxe'

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Grooming Set for Short Coats

A 7-piece complete horse grooming set for horses with summer coats or clipped coats. With this set, you get just the right combination of grooming tools for your horse - all in one convenient grooming kit.

For best results when grooming your horse, we recommend to use our 4-Step-Grooming Process™. This complete grooming set contains all tools you need to groom your horse from head to tail!

This set includes:

  1. Flexible massage curry by Haas®
  2. Gentle dandy brush with extra long, natural Tampico bristles by HorseHaus™
  3. Horse body brush "Tora" with natural, shorter bristles and leather strap by HorseHaus™
  4. Soft grooming brush "Tora" Ellipse with natural, softer, long bristles by HorseHaus™
  5. Ultra soft horse body goat hair brush "Tora" to remove fine dust and create shine
  6. Face, mane, and tail brush "Tora" by HorseHaus™ with natural bristles on one side and steel bristles with durable AirLastic® cushion on the other
  7. Soft face brush "Tora"

Materials: beech wood, tampico fiber, horse hair, goad hair, leather, steel, rubber and responsibly manufactured rubber material (curry comb)

Made in Germany (except dandy brush, which is Made in USA)


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a brown shiny horse

A Shiny Horse

A natural finishing brush not only removes dirt, dander and dust, but also distributes the horse's natural coat oils on the clean coat. This creates shine! Experience the natural difference. You horse will love it, too!

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