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Our Story

In 2008, Stefanie Reinhold of Reinhold's Horse Wellness was looking for high-quality grooming brushes. A native German, she wanted the best grooming brushes money could buy. Used to traditional, German horse brushes with natural bristles, she was disappointed to find the choices in horse grooming supply shops in the US mostly limited to synthetic Asian imports.

This led to an idea: Why not make high-quality horse brushes made by traditional German brush makers more readily available to US equestrians? Why not offer best quality brushes at a reasonable price point and make quality standard - not something only a few will chose to afford?

HorseHaus™ - a trademark of HorseHaus LLC - is Your source for high-quality Equestrian Supplies, source of grooming and care information, and trustworthy partner in your endeavor to provide the best quality care to your horses. 

We stand behind our products! Your satisfaction is guaranteed! See what makes us different:

  • 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee
  • We test ALL our products ourselves and through independent product testers!
  • Guaranteed all products Made in Germany, Made in USA, Made in Canada 
  • Customer loyalty program that rewards you with every purchase!
  • Free education for HorseHaus™ Friends about grooming and other horse care topics

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